Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Boxing Day DSTAR Net for Kent

Hi all,
We have arranged for a Local DSTAR Net on Boxing Day for all those that would like to join in.
The net will be at 8pm on Boxing Day night on reflector 5C
We will link GB7DX B, GB7FK C, and GB7IC B to the reflector.

Declan M0TMX will be net controller and will call out at 8pm and ask for call ins
To prevent doubling with each other, and to make sure everyone can have an opportunity to participate in the Net we are proposing to have a controlled net, where everyone gets an over and then hands back to Net Control, Net Control will then pass it onto the next station in the list.

In addition we thought that a good way to check into the net would be to do what they do in the US, as Net Control calls for Checkins, any stations wishing to take part can just key up for a second to send their callsign and Net Control can register it and call stations in one at a time.
Look forward to catching you on Boxing Day
Matt M1CMN Declan M0TMX

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