Tuesday, 6 October 2009

School DSTAR Contact

On the 5th October pupils at St Marys Catholic School in Deal had a contact via DSTAR with St Marys Catholic School in Temple Texas.

The children prepared questions to ask each other, which included sports, television, class subjects and culture.

The children had presentations at both schools before the contact to learn more about amateur radio. They were very excited, and enjoyed the project.

Thanks must go to Brian G8ZYZ for helping putting together the presentation, to Catherine M1CVF for her presentation, and to Steve NU5D and all at the Temple Amateur Radio club for making this contact possible.

looking forward to the next one

Matt M1CMN
GB7FK DSTAR Repeater,
Folkestone, Kent.

Monday, 10 August 2009

No post here for ages!

Hi all,

well there have been no posts here for ages! - the repeater continues to work well, with no problems reported.
We have recently played with some ID1 Radios, with great results. I hope we can play with high speed digital data again sometime in the future.

Upcoming projects - will probably be to find a new gateway PC. something that takes less energy to run. At the moment, we have a great rackmount server, but my electicity bill is sky high, and there isnt much else on in the house!!

more updates soon
73 Matt

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Battery Backup

GB7FK and GB7DX both have backup power supplies for the repeaters now.

the repeaters will last for many hours during a power fail, and the gateway servers and routers will last around 90mins.

thanks to Declan for his hard work setting up and playing with this kit.

73 Matt

GB7FK New PSU, and New Server

Hi all,

over Christmas and January we installed a new rackmount power supply for the repeater, and added a rackmount server.

the next project will be when the weather gets better, we will experement with some different antennas on the 2m module.