Sunday, 13 April 2008

GB7FK and GB7DX Last Heard List

Who was least Heard on GB7FK and GB7DX??

This list will show local activity in both repeaters + Gateway activity

Click here to view the last heard list.

Thanks to Ben M0TUX for his continued hard work

73 Matt

Thursday, 3 April 2008

70cms Port on GB7FK + Welcome to GB7DX

Excellent reports with the 70cms coverage, everyone that uses the repeater regular can get into the repeater with 5w, excellent stuff. its definatally working the best it has ever done.

thanks to everyone that has given reports.

Welcome to GB7DX in Ashford, now on the air and working well. Declan M0TMX is running the repeater, which appears to have very good coverage.

73 Matt

G2 Gateway Software Change

Change to the Gateway software at GB7FK and GB7IC
Over the last few weeks considerable work has been carried out on the installation and testing of the G2 D-Star gateway software in the UK.

As part of that implementation we would like to move both GB7FK and GB7IC into the testing environment. Our intention is to replace the current gateway software on Thursday evening with the G2 version. Once installed we will connect both gateways to the UK test network that currently consists of the following:-

Once IC and FK have moved it will be possible to call through any of the repeaters above. It is important to note that while they are in the new net it will not be possible to call any of the stations that are listed on the "" website, as those will be in the old K5TIT network.
K5TIT are also doing the same testing and have a small network of gateways proving the software.
Once the proving stage is over it is our intention to join the K5TIT net and then all of their network will be available once again.
It is important to point out that from time to time the network may not be available as part of the proving may involve removing the trust server from service. We also need to prove the process of switching to a backup trust server while there are just a few gateways connected. Whenever possible we will post a message on the Yahoo forum. Should the trust server be down for a long period we will inform you by email.
We would ask you to make as many contacts as possible to help us prove the resilience of the system.